Sponsorship & Engagement

As a not for profit Association, ARAMA relies on sponsorship activity within the management rights community. There are a number of ways to get involved, connect with members and show your support. 

Below is an overview of the opportunities on offer for engagement with ARAMA, however we do like to provide tailored options where possible so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

See below ARAMA’s Ladder of Engagement 



The Industry Partner is the strongest and most highly-regarded level of industry engagement that ARAMA has to offer.
In addition to directly providing a higher level of access to members, this elite level of engagement is limited in number and offers exclusivity in a defined category as an overriding benefit. 

In addition to the associate member benefits outlined elsewhere in this document, an ARAMA Industry Partner has the right to receive:

  • Exclusivity of category in the chosen industry field;

  • An honourable mention at all ARAMA events;

  • Promotional material distributed at all ARAMA events;

  • Your company logo featured on all official ARAMA e-mails, invitations, bulletins and news items;

  • Direct access to members;

  • Featured listing on the ASAP Directory

  • Company logo with hyperlink prominently featured on the ARAMA website;

  • Display the ARAMA Industry Partner logo;

  • Co-branding opportunities with the management rights industry peak body;

  • Editorial input in each monthly e-News Bulletin; 

  • Inclusion in ALL marketing/branding/networking activities; and

  • Open invitation to all ARAMA events, nationally.

The value of this relationship is determined on a case-by-case basis and is subject to the approval of the ARAMA Board of Directors.



An ARAMA Supporter is an organisation or an individual that supports, promotes or advocates for a positive relationship with ARAMA, its members and the industry as a whole.

The cost of ARAMA supporter status can be achieved in two ways. Cash up front of $6,000 + GST or a combination of purchases and services from ARAMA exceeding $6,000 + GST including but not limited to:

  • Associate Membership and 

  • An agreed number of pre-paid ARAMA memberships and/or

  • ASAP Directory - Featured Listing and/or

  • Advertising and/or

  • Industry Exhibitor and/or

  • Event Sponsor and/or

  • Products purchased from the ARAMA on line shop

In addition to the associate member benefits outlined elsewhere in this document, an ARAMA Supporter has the right to receive:

  • Company logo with hyperlink on the homepage of the ARAMA website;

  • An honourable mention at all ARAMA events;

  • Co-branding opportunities at select events;

  • Display the ARAMA Supporter’s logo

  • Open invitation to all ARAMA events nationally

$6000 + GST for a 12 month agreement
Subject to agreed conditions under a memorandum of understanding



An Associate Member: is a person who may not necessarily own or operate a management rights property, but has a kindred interest in promoting the industry. Employee managers can apply for Associate Membership. Individuals who are professionals, suppliers or service providers can apply. 

In addition to industry representation, member benefits include:    

  • Access to branch meetings and events anywhere;

  • Password access to the ARAMA exclusive members information library and discussion forum;

  • Full voting rights; 

  • Display the ARAMA Member logo; and

  • FOC Standard listing on the ARAMA Suppliers and Professionals Directory (ASAP Directory)

This membership category enables the supplier, professional or service provider to state that they are a member of ARAMA and that they are making a tangible contribution to the industry body. 

Current Cost $50 per month + GST


Advertising opportunities exist in ARAMA newsletters, on the ARAMA website, or in the monthly e-Bulletin. Rates and specifications vary depending on the choice of media. 

Prices start from $350 + GST



Event Sponsorship is designed as a once-off opportunity for an organisation to promote its products and services to members at a prescribed event or series of events. Event Sponsors may choose one event, or a series of events in multiple branches. 

Event Sponsorship include opportunities for verbal presentations, branding and networking.

Prices start from $1500 + GST per event



Every year ARAMA host a number of trade expos on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.  These expos offer an opportunity for members to interact directly (face-to-face) with operators, decision makers and other industry exhibitors. 

These are catered events featuring industry relevant keynote speakers. 

Prices start from $900 + GST per EXPO