What are management rights?

Management Rights is a business that gives the right to the resident owner of a lot, contained within a community living complex, to fulfil the role of Caretaker and to operate a letting business (of units within the complex) on behalf of non-resident owners. The person who owns the Management Rights is usually referred to as the Resident Manager.

Thousands of people choose to become resident managers for numerous reasons. Whether it is a combination of investment return, a combined home and business environment or the lifestyle aspect, it has proven to be a very attractive business proposition.

Having management rights to a property development means you:

  • Live at the complex 

  • Take Care of common property on behalf of the Boday Corporate (for example, pool and BBQ area, lawns and gardens)

  • Let units in the complex on a rental basis. Please note that to be able to operate as a Letting Agent, you will acquire a special license. (For more information, see the section on "Licensing & Training")

  • Depending on the complex, the type of letting will predominantly be either permenant (Long Stay) or holiday (Short Term) letting.

For more information about Management Rights and your responsibilities as a resident manager, please click here to download the PDF version of ARAMA’s Brochure for an explanation of Management Rights, including – “A People Business” and “Resident Manager’s Responsibilities”.

Check out some facts on our industry:

Formed in 1991, The Australian Resident Accommodation Manager’s Association (ARAMA) is the peak body for the Management Rights Industry and represents more than 2500 Resident Managers across the country.

The Management Rights Industry is the largest accommodator of people in the country, with in excess of 150,000 beds being occupied annually. Management Rights is a business model that is most suited to community title schemes (CTS).

Current figures reveal that 40% of Australians now live in Community Title Schemes, and it is estimated that by 2050 65% of Australians will be living in Community Title Schemes with many of these complexes being managed by a Resident Manager.

Our Industry manages in excess of $15 billion in property and returns more than $55.5 billion in economic benefit back to Australia each year.

With around 38,000 people staying in resident managed accommodation every night of the year, guest satisfaction and ongoing maintenance of our properties are our top priorities.

Whether it is short-term lettings or long-term rentals, our members accommodate in excess of 30 million people each year.

ARAMA members manage buildings for holiday letting, others manage permanent rental buildings and some have buildings that have a mixture of holiday and permanent letting.

ARAMA is committed to providing benefits for its members including industry representation on issues that directly impact the viability of member businesses, networking opportunities with other ARAMA members, access to publications and materials such as the printed newsletter, stationery, and access to our library and other useful resources via the “Members Only” section of the ARAMA website.

We have active branches in most parts of Australia including the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Wide Bay, Whitsundays/Mackay, Townsville Cairns and Port Douglas, Sydney as well as Central and Northern New South Wales. We are currently working to establish ARAMA as national organisation, and we are building a presence in other Australian states and territories.