Annual General Meeting (Virtual)

Start Date
20 October 2020
End Date
20 October 2020
Start Time
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Annual General Meeting

Dear Valued ARAMA Member,



2020 Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting of Members of the Australian Resident Accommodation Managers Association (ARAMA National Ltd) will be held on Tuesday 20 October 2020 at 10.00 am (AEST) via on-line Webinar. The ARAMA Board of Directors have decided that due to COVID-19 it is acceptable and COVIDSAFE to conduct the AGM digitally this year. This means that there will not be a face to face event at this time this year.

Ordinary business

  1. To Confirm Attendance & Quorum
  2. To Confirm the Minutes of the last General Meeting which was the 2019 AGM.
  3. To Receive and Consider the annual reports, statement of accounts and the audit report for year ended 30 June 2020.
  4. To ratify the election of members of the ARAMA National Ltd Board of Directors

Details in relation to a Member’s entitlement to appoint a proxy and instructions for the lodgement of a Proxy Form are set out in the accompanying Meeting Explanatory Notes which are included in the below attachments. Members who are unable to attend the AGM in person via digital means are requested to please submit a proxy form ASAP. We require a minimum number of attendees either in person via digital means or via proxy in order to achieve a quorum.

The ARAMA Board recommends that Members vote in favour of each item of business.

The ARAMA Board invites members who are able to attend the AGM via digital means to stay on after the AGM to enjoy some brief presentations, general discussions plus Q&A with the Board via webinar. As per last year there will be a special presentation from our Marketing and Communications Department.

Please RSVP as per below to receive your webinar link and be included in the meeting. 


Kind regards

Trevor Rawnsley
Company Secretary
M 0417 197 687 | 
PO Box 4953, GCMC Bundall, Qld 9726

Meeting Explanatory Notes

1. Minutes of last General Meeting
The meeting will be asked to consider the minutes of the most recent ARAMA General Meeting which was the 2019 AGM. These are attached to this notice and will be available at the meeting. Click here for the 2019 AGM Minutes. 

2. Annual reports
The reports for 2019-2020 financial year will be presented to the meeting. Members will receive a copy of the 2020 Annual Report direct to their in-box ahead of the meeting. 

During this item of business, Members will have a reasonable opportunity to ask questions about, and make comments on the reports and ARAMA National Ltd.’s management, policies, operations, performance and prospects.

3. Election of the Board of Directors
In accordance with sec 66e of the ARAMA constitution and also sec 33; certain Directors (stream A) were required to resign their position and seek re-election for an additional term. 

Stream A Directors who were required to resign their positions were Jeff Beere, Simon Lill, Jo Mathews and Col Myers. Jeff Beere and Col Myers re-nominated. Simon Lill and Jo Mathews did not seek re-election.

On the 1st of May all financial members of ARAMA were invited to nominate for a Directors position.

As the number of Associate Member candidates nominated was equal to the number of vacancies at the time, no election was required for the Associate Members category. Therefore Col Myers was deemed elected unopposed.

As there were four candidates nominating for three Practising Member vacancies at the time, it was necessary to conduct a ballot for one of these positions (which was situated in South East Queensland). The ballot commenced on the of 8th of June and concluded on the 9th of July. Guy Elliott was declared the winner of the ballot.

As per previous advice Jeff Beere of the Sydney Branch and Karen Nelson of the Whitsundays Branch were deemed elected unopposed for the other vacant positions as they were the only Practising Member nominations from outside Queensland and South East Queensland respectively.

3.1  The meeting will be asked to endorse the appointment of those named below by ordinary resolution.

The following directors are therefore deemed elected unopposed:-

  • Jeff Beere and Col Myers who are incumbent directors and will at the conclusion of this year’s  AGM commence the first year of their third and final two year term.
  • Karen Nelson and Guy Elliott who are both new nominees and will at the conclusion of this year`s AGM commence the first year of their first two year term.

3.2 The members named below are incumbent Directors (from stream B) and not required to seek re-election this year.

  • John Mahoney will at the conclusion of this year`s AGM commence the second year of his second two year term.
  • Geoff Shortland will at the conclusion of this year`s AGM commence the second year of his first two year term.

3.3  Eric Van Meurs and Bobo Qi tendered their resignation as Directors of ARAMA after the ballot period had closed. The current Board decided to leave it for the new Board to decide if and when they backfill these vacant positions.

4. Proxy Forms and Proxy Process
The forms and process for submitting a proxy is attached here.