ARAMA members are offered invaluable benefits & exclusive cost savings of over $2000 annually. Enjoy access to an exclusive online member help member discussion forum, where real people give real answers. Reap the benefit of our regular costs and charges survey. Learn what others in the industry are charging and whether you are charging too much or too little. Use our long term relationships to have your voice heard on proposed changes to legislation.


Value: priceless. Keep informed on possible changes through ARAMA news & have the opportunity to respond. We prepare submissions to government. We are connected to ministerial committees involved in developing & reviewing legislation.

Meet New People.  

Value: priceless. Meet like minded friends at social functions in your area & our annual awards evening. You may even be nominated to win an award!


Value: priceless. We conduct regular training workshops & webinars on a range of topics. Training courses are provided for current & prospective members.

Save Time. 

Value: time is money. Our comprehensive member only toolkit gives you access to a resource library including documents & records to support your role & protect your letting pool.

Save Money. 

Costs and charges survey value: $660

 Online accommodation & suppliers directory value: $250

Online job advertising value: $200

 Industry specific insurance package designed and discounted for the industry value: $200

 Free to enter education & training events and webinars value: $140

 ARAMA accredited Management Rights Industry training value: $400

 Free Accom Properties Membership access to, Domain, Form 1, Equifax, Pricefinder & Real Works value: $2300 

ARAMA Member Assistance Program (A-MAP) - 3x Free and confidential counselling service to help ARAMA members deal with personal or work-related problems in a positive way value: $600



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