Code of Conduct

As members of the Australian Resident Accommodation Managers’ Association (ARAMA), we recognise the significance of professional conduct and our responsibility to clients, fellow members and unit owners.


Conduct our professional activities by not knowingly doing harm in respect to our clients and the general public.

Pledge our efforts to ensure that all members operate honestly and competently and in adherence to all applicable laws and regulations.

Act at all times with integrity in our dealings with clients, fellow members of the Association and with the general public.

Understand the manager is responsible to the owner for the tenants’ quiet enjoyment by maintaining the property in good tenantable repair and complying with health and safety standards.

Provide a superior standard of service to guests.

Understand the laws in relation to the letting and management of apartment buildings.

Pledge to uphold the highest professional standards in the work of all members including:

  • meeting contractual and agreed obligations

  • engaging in honest advertising practices without misleading information

  • providing fair pricing related to season and availability

  • providing clear information concerning style and quality of accommodation

  • not seeking to manipulate or take advantage of situations for personal gain that will result in unfair deprivation or damage to others

treating clients and fellow members fairly.

Ensure that all accommodation offered is fitting with the standard advertised. This includes ensuring:

  • all up keeping functions are performed to ensure accommodation is clean and well maintained

  • any problems with upkeep which may arise are dealt with immediately

  • any false or misleading statements about the accommodation are avoided

  • consistent and regular checks of security and safety standards are maintained

  • provisions of a high standard of care in dealing with noise levels and provisions of guest privacy.