Education & Training is a priority for us to make available to our members. Targeted training and education keeps our members informed about changes to the law which occur on an all too regular basis. 

There are over 100 legislative acts and regulations which members are expected to be familiar with. We help you keep up to date so you can best manage your property, owners, tenants, guests & body corporate. 

Legal reasons aside our programs are tailored to bring hints, tips and tricks of the trade to members. As an association made up of industry mentors and professionals,  we want to help you improve the day to day operations and profitability of your business.

Our programs are designed based on the feedback of members & delivered only by those widely recognised as the best in the business. The training material is updated as soon as there is a change in the industry or laws. 

Understanding the demands of the industry, our training is all available online for you to complete within your office. We also offer face to face workshops in small groups & large style seminars. This allows you as members to interact, as well as share your challenges and solutions with like-minded individuals. As a member, you also have the ability to share your questions in our community through the member help member discussion forum.

ARAMA sits on various boards and has long term relationships with government to ensure we are the first to know of any industry changes and reflect accordingly in training materials and advice. 

For further information on training, contact us on 1300 272 627 or 

You can also find our upcoming Management Rights Industry Training Programs (MRITP) on our Events page.