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Covid-19 E-Bulletin

Friday 24, Apr 2020

Special Release ARAMA e-News Bulletin



We have created a COVID-19 discussion forum to put members in contact with other members in a shared and safe place. The forum is designed to support the information that is already out there and which ARAMA sends on a regular basis. 



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CEO Message

Dear Valued ARAMA Member,

Stay calm and stick to the facts !

ARAMA has maintained for some time now that the recent reforms to residential tenancy laws especially in Victoria and Queensland are weighted too far in favour of the tenant and are neither fair nor balanced.
Last week the hysteria surrounding speculation of the proposed residential tenancy law reforms in Queensland caused another flare up just like adding fuel to a simmering fear fire. The cause of this latest flare up was the misinformed views of some who were reacting to the self-serving public relations campaigns by others which achieved no real positive outcomes and instead added more confusion resulting in more  fear to an already agitated and anxious industry. While not initiated by the media it was certainly fuelled by the media.  
In the words of Prime Minister Morrison …. “JUST STOP IT”
Here are the Facts - For over two years now the draft reforms to Queensland`s Residential Tenancy Laws have been close to completion, just waiting for the appropriate time to push them forward. Despite hundreds of hours of advocacy and countless submissions by ARAMA and other friendly industry stakeholders and despite what others may have you believe, there has been very little change to these draft reforms.  Including during the last week.
The facts are the facts and we present the facts to you each week in these bulletins. We continually lead our valuable members to the source documents. We urge you to follow our lead and stay calm and only rely on the facts and not third party gossip or expensive media campaigns.
ARAMA`s advice is to stay calm, take a leadership role in your scheme and negotiate respectfully and in good faith with your tenants and your unit owner clients… and know the facts.

Now is your time to shine!

Best wishes to you, your family and your staff team, we hope you stay safe and well. 

Trevor Rawnsley CEO


Hot off the press – residential rental reforms in Queensland

Late on Wednesday night (22nd April 2020) the Queensland Parliament passed the Covid-19 Emergency Response Bill 2020.  The press surrounding this bill implies that laws to protect landlords and tenants during the pandemic were also passed, however what the new legislation actually does is give to the relevant Minister the ability to recommend that regulations be made. 
On Wednesday night, Housing Minister De Brenni, tabled the proposed regulations. While the draft regulations are far from being fair and balanced for both tenant and landlord the comforting point is the appearance of the specific definition of financial hardship and the specific requirements that a tenant must satisfy (provide proof) to qualify for a rent reduction due to financial hardship as a result of COVID-19. The moratorium on evictions will only apply if the failure to pay rent is because the tenant is suffering excessive hardship. By our estimates overall this will effect a very small number of tenants.


A question about a health direction?


If you have a question about a health directive or wish to seek an exemption go straight to the source. We would certainly be interested in hearing of any exemption which may have been granted or any responses that you may think others are keen to know of. Queensland Health has now established a separate process to respond directly to questions and clarifications, which can be found online.


Government Assistance for sole traders and employers

This snapshot provides a quick and easy guide for small and medium business looking to access Government financial support  


COVID-19 Industry Support Resources - Update from The Queensland Government                  


Free Webinar – Tourism Recovery

During these unprecedented times, tourism businesses across the state are experiencing the extensive impact of the COVID-19 crisis. Many of you are asking, how will we make it through, and what will the industry look like on the other side? Book now for this free webinar provided by Queensland Tourism Industry Council – hurry space is limited.             


An update from Tourism & Events Queensland featuring how the transition to reopening travel might look         


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