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ARAMA e-News Bulletin

Friday 15, May 2020

Special Release ARAMA e-News Bulletin



We have created a COVID-19 discussion forum to put members in contact with other members in a shared and safe place. The forum is designed to support the information that is already out there and which ARAMA sends on a regular basis. 


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CEO Message


Yeah Baby We`re Back !


Back to work that is. At last we have a definite date when tourism accommodation can begin welcoming guests back again. While we still do not have the official health directive from Government you can now confidentially promote the June/July school holiday accommodation period and in Queensland you can confidently promote leisure accommodation for the period from June 12 onwards.


We are also confident that other States will fall roughly in line with these dates however just for now we recommend that you also promote a very generous cancellation package  on your website in case the unforeseen happens and Government makes other plans.  


We are also confident that the Queensland Government will allow swimming pools and playgrounds to re-open from tomorrow (Saturday 15th of May) however you should post signage consistent with Government restrictions relating to the limits imposed on the number of people plus hygiene and social distancing. Remember that this is a decision of the Committee so make sure they give you written instructions.


As we mentioned in our last webinar we are working with Government health authorities and our recently appointed COVID-19 safety specialists to develop a COVIDSAFE Plan for our members buildings. We will continue to push forward on this agenda and get a copy to you ASAP to give you specific guidance relative to your MLR business. In the interim go to the Safe Work Australia website where there is a special section on COVID-19 signage in the workplace.


Our next ARAMA Members Only webinar will deal specifically with holiday letting and is one not to be missed !


I`ve got the zinc cream and my boogy board at the ready and along with half of the Australian population I am ready for a holiday.


Hurry up and put your lippy on and get ready for the party !

Giddy Up!

Trevor Rawnsley CEO


PM Morrison announces 3 step plan to recovery for business

It will be to the discretion of each state to implement each step and when with the plan to have all steps in action by mid-July


Roadmap to Easing Queensland's Recovery

Direct from the Queensland Government is this most extensive list of Q&A's relating to the 3 stage return to work for the tourism sector. Every Question that has been asked of the Government, appears here!

READ MORE: Government Q&A's

PLUS Another set of Q&A's Relating to just stage 1

READ MORE: Stage 1 Q&A's

PLUS the actual Queensland Step down approach covering stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3

READ MORE: QLD Step Down Approach

Queensland’s Chief Health Officer - Public Health Directions Update | 9 May 2020


Corporate Accommodation in your building

This practical and easy to read report will help you understand how you can grab your share of the corporate traveller market. According to this study 67% of corporates believe that their travel will resume to the same capacity prior to Covid-19 once the bans are lifted. What should you do to get your share of this market?


Tourists bursting at the bit to travel domestically

A recent study conducted by UQ Business School has found that a whopping 50% of Australian's want to travel domestically and the number one motivator for travelling was to support Australian tourism. Travellers will be more aware of hygiene standards so be ready


Latest news from the Residential Tenancies Authority

News from Queensland’s RTA includes restrictions on share housing and sub-letting and while this material is about Queensland tenancy laws there are many similarities for members in other States


What Assistance Should I Expect From My Bank ?


Still missing payments from OTA's?

There are still significant concerns being raised around the non-payment from some travel agency platforms for debts with our operators.  One online agency alone, is estimated to owe millions of dollars for services already delivered to customers before COVID restrictions even became a reality. This is an unacceptable situation for our members already struggling under the financial stress of the actual crisis and they should not be subjected to such poor business practices by companies in the distribution system. 

ARAMA is working with QTIC, VTIC and NSWTIC to understand the legal situation surrounding these cases and is communicating with affected members and various State Governments. The situation raises more general questions about the suitability and reliability of the current commercial and legislated arrangements and practices of the tourism distribution system. The natural answer to this is to invest in your own local marketing to drive direct bookings to your website.

Easier said than done – yes - but absolutely necessary for the future viability and increased capital value of your business.


Latest Industry Update - Industry Support Resources

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