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Monday 25, May 2020




Forecasting for a COVID-free future


Following a period of significant downturn, it would be an understatement to say that the management rights industry has a big challenge on its hands.


Operators are busy getting their tax affairs in order and forecasting and planning for the year ahead – and this year business strategies must incorporate a business-wide response to COVID-19.


In responding to forced change, operators have been forced to be inventive. We have always been best placed to deliver excellence, and we are building on that reputation every day in this current environment.


Over the past two months, ARAMA has been at the forefront of developing the measures accommodation providers need to implement in order to ensure staff, guests and tenants are safe when they reopen.


As leaders in the accommodation sector we are also looking beyond compliance and viewing the management rights offering through a different lens.


We know that customer expectation has changed, and possibly forever. There will be those who forget COVID-19 existed, but those who remain completely conscious of hygiene and need constant reassurance.


Recent events have given customer experience a whole new meaning and we need to be ready to exceed expectation when tourism is back in full swing.


Presentation and first impressions are absolutely critical and leading operators are already designing contact-free environments where guests can pre-pay for their stay and check in seamlessly.


It’s a shift away from warning signs and wafts of disinfectant to a professional customer experience where, from the moment they pull into the driveway and arrive at reception, they feel warmth and reassurance that they have made the right choice. 


We have always represented management rights as the most effective method of serving the interests of unit owners, bodies corporate, tourists and tenants – and operators are setting new benchmarks in customer experience.


Away from compliance and customer experience, leading operators are also being creative with their stock and how they sell it to kick-start their recovery with generous promotions to loyal guests.  


It has been reported that online travel agents (OTAs) are under growing pressure to relook at fees with accommodation providers and as a sector we need to be united at owning our customers and recalibrating some of these relationships.


As you begin your road to recovery, it is likely there will be many moving parts and I encourage you to remain engaged with your industry peers to share progress and insights along the way. It is truly a strange time, but this type of invaluable support is truly unique to our industry.


ARAMA continues to facilitate our weekly Q&A webinar discussion for members and I am pleased to report that this initiative has reached more than 1800 members over the past nine weeks. I hope to see many more of you soon with questions, ideas or concerns.


Trevor Rawnsley