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Wednesday 24, Jun 2020




It’s time to get on with the job

After enduring what has been an extraordinary period for tourism and accommodation providers, the green shoots are beginning to emerge throughout the economy, and we are once again starting to look ahead in earnest.  


That is, of course, if we ignore those who continue to talk about ‘doom and gloom’ – words I have rarely used throughout my career and certainly not since joining the management rights industry.


These purveyors of bad news will always be there, selling us down the river with ‘apocalyptic’ forecasts – but as a business community, we know what we’re capable of achieving and we’re ready to get on with the job.


Our sector has endured the pilot strikes and Ansett crisis and the GFC, and now we’re tackling COVID-19 head-on – so these divas of despair can step aside.  


People are starting to feel better about their job and the economy, and we have a built-up need to go out and socialise. Underpinning this is almost a social duty to support hospitality and accommodation offerings and the local economy.


In management rights, sales brokers are reporting plenty of interest and that businesses are transacting, and certainly many operators I speak with are feeling optimistic with bookings starting to fill up in the months ahead.


Of course, we would all rather be in a different situation, but things are improving by the week and I am confident the enterprising and agile operators in our industry will do whatever it takes to succeed – it’s in our DNA.


However, we have to maintain our ability to ignore the knockers. We were confident enough to have a go in the first place and now is the time to back ourselves to get back on track as tourism recovers.


Our industry has been operating for 50 years and last year management rights contributed around $55 billion to our economy. We aren’t going anywhere.  


Management rights continues to prove to be the most effective method of serving the interests of unit owners, bodies corporate, tenants and guests – and the outlook is bright with more and more Australians embracing modern density living.


We aren’t expecting any major changes to legislation and we’re encouraging governments to step aside and let us do what we do best. Now really is the time to dig deep and get back on track.  


In doing so, I can’t stress enough the importance of prioritising our physical and mental health. It has been a turbulent time with some tough decision-making and business and family stress will no doubt continue for some.


Our industry is unique in that we have fostered a ‘members helping members’ culture – and this year ARAMA has introduced a member assistance program to help members maintain their wellbeing.   


As we approach the second half of the year, I urge you all to speak with your peers and succeed together. The more active our members are, the more powerful our industry is.


Trevor Rawnsley