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Thursday 26, Nov 2020

Acknowledging decades of support


In this special edition of Resort News, it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the tremendous achievement of this publication and its contribution to the management rights industry over so many years.  


Resort News has been instrumental in keeping our members and other leaders and managers in the accommodation industry abreast of important and timely information that matters to their daily business decisions and livelihoods.


The team behind the publication has made a significant contribution and commitment to covering the many aspects of the management rights industry with expert commentary and context throughout a period of dynamic growth and maturity.


As we continue to promote owner operated management rights as the most effective method of serving the interest of unit owners, bodies corporate, tourists and tenants alike, Resort News has been an important player in realising the industry’s value.


Not only have they highlighted its economic significance, they have also kept all levels of governments aware of the commercial and economic practicalities of their decision-making.


Contributing $55 billion to the Australian economy annually, the industry is far more diverse and complex than it was 50 years ago. And, as Australians continue to opt for density living as a preferred lifestyle choice, ARAMA has a significant role to play.  


Although 2020 has highlighted just how resilient management rights operators are, even when tourism is strong, rentals are up, interest rates are low and the sector appears to be strengthening, we still have a fight on our hands.


We are constantly working to ensure that management rights laws are not changed for the worst – and it requires ongoing review and the involvement of members with their practical operational understanding to ensure good workable legislation.


Our greatest challenge and therefore opportunity is to remain relevant and to continue playing a positive role with all stakeholders, making sure that our members in particular are informed and involved in our consultations and submissions.


We are fortunate to have a strong and talented panel of legal professionals who assist in our deliberations, significant support from stakeholders at all levels of the property industry, and a proven track record of good relations with government.


With the participation and backing of our members and these important stakeholders, we continue to lobby, consult and negotiate on behalf of the industry – but only membership and ‘strength in numbers’ allows us to continue doing so.


As our industry evolves and becomes more sophisticated, it’s important that we continue to lift the skills, abilities and qualifications among participants in order to lift the profile of the industry.


Most of our members are independent ‘mum and dad’ operators and our Management Rights Industry Training Program has been hugely successful in helping both newcomers and experienced operators alike thrive in their business.


Last year we also proudly hosted our inaugural TOP Awards which celebrated leaders who are instrumental to the strength and success of our industry nationally – and we were delighted to have Resort News as a major sponsor.


Despite a tough year for the sector, tourism recovery and steady growth in people seeking community living environments will ensure long-term relevance for the management rights business model – and I’m excited about what’s to come in 2021.


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