Benefits of a Resident Manager

Benefits to Owners

  • Unit owners in buildings managed by a ARAMA Resident Manager have investments monitored by a person living on the site – fellow owners who also share an interest in the success of the building.

  • When items in the common property need repair or attention, the Resident Manager is there to identify and resolve a problem.

  • The Resident Manager is usually the first to be aware of damage, noise or security concerns on the site and is in a position to take action.

  • Without a Resident Manager , there may be a delay before someone “owns the problem”.

  • A Resident Manager who belongs to ARAMA keeps in touch with legislative issues, industry activities and industry practices.

  • Where the owner has his unit managed by a Resident Manager, the owner receives the benefit of the Manager’s marketing knowledge, particularly regarding changing trends.

  • This knowledge should enable the manager to respond to changing trends, such as shorter holidays and holidays booked at much later notice.

  • The manager will also be involved with the cleaning and presentation of the unit after each letting, reducing the chances of maintenance items being left unattended.

  • The manager also develops a list of reliable tradesmen who can carry out repairs promptly and at reasonable cost.

Benefits to Guests and Tenants

  • The Resident Manager is at the complex to welcome guests, and provide the guest with the keys and details of the complex.

  • Managers ensure guests settle into units with the confidence that there is someone available who can provide assistance.

  • The successful manager will listen to the guests’ requests, helping them enjoy their stay.

  • The skill with which the manager provides advice on tours and nearby activities and his quick response to repairs are important to guests.

  • The ARAMA Resident Manager will provide a standard of service consistent with the ARAMA Code of Ethics.

  • Guests will benefit from the visible presence of the Resident Manager to provide advice on a wide range of holiday issues.

Benefits of Membership

  • For ARAMA to continue to expand its activities, ARAMA needs the continuing support of Resident managers who own and operate Management Rights.

  • The industry continues to face many changes.

  • ARAMA is an association supporting managers, addressing those challenges and seizing opportunities.